Model 910.33

Adhesive label set for red and green circular arcs

For NS 63, 100 and 160 pressure gauges and dial thermometers

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  • Individual red-green marking of scale ranges on dial measuring instruments
  • Retrospective application of individual red-green marking, even on instruments already installed in the field

Special features

  • Red and green circular arcs in different lengths
  • Simple handling through backing paper and protective foil
  • Through the translucent adhesive label material, the scale markings of the dial remain easily readable
  • Long-term stable, temperature- and UV-resistant adhesive labels


The model 910.33 adhesive label set for pressure gauges and dial thermometers enables the simple and individual marking of red and green on instruments.

The advantages for the user are freely definable scale ranges of red and green circular arcs for the required nominal size. The possibility exists for the required colour, length and position of the circular arcs to be applied from outside onto the window.

The simple attachment of the adhesive labels can also be carried out as a retro-fit on instruments that have already been installed.

The high-quality adhesive label material guarantees long-term stability and, in addition, the translucent properties permit the good readability of the underlying dial.

Adhesive label set for red and green circular arcs
  • Adhesive label set for red and green circular arcs
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