Model MPR-1

Pressure sensor module

Up to 25 bar gauge and absolute

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  • Sensor integration projects
  • Data logger
  • Battery-operated applications
  • Vacuum control

Special features

  • 19 mm spanner width for limited mounting space
  • No calibration necessary, due to compensated output signal
  • Low-power version for long battery life
  • Additional temperature output to monitor the internal sensor temperature


Compact, accurate and flexible
Even with the smallest dimensions, the MPR-1 offers a compensated and standardised output signal with high accuracy.

The internal adjustment is made digitally. As output signals, there are both analogue and digital versions to choose from (e.g. I²C).

In addition to the variants described in the data sheet, customer-specific versions are available on request.

Durable and with wide range of applications
The stainless steel measuring cell is welded to the process connection and is particularly well suited for use with corrosive media. On request, an oxygen-compatible version can be selected.

Typical use cases are found in applications in measurement and control technology, in which a high level of integration of pressure measurement is needed.

Specifically, the low-power version with digital signal is especially suitable for battery-operated data logger applications (e.g. wireless applications).

The minimum lot size is 50 pcs.

Diagnostic function
By means of the output signal, fault conditions can be detected and evaluated via software. It is possible to differentiate between permanent and temporary faults.

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