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When moving large loads, reliable monitoring ensures both operational safety (overload) and protection of operating personnel (occupational safety).

In factories, heavy loads are often moved by overhead cranes. For monitoring, WIKA offers both continuously measuring load pins that replace non-measuring retaining bolts, as well as tension/compression force transducers that are positioned directly in the force flow, each with a suitable overload switch. The chain hoist test set offers a quick and easy safety check of the friction clutch.

Outdoor applications are, for example, harbour cranes or maritime applications such as cranes on supply ships or oil rigs. Our instruments are certified to DNV GL. The requirements for safety controls are described in the machinery directive (2006/42/EC), for example, overload controls or emergency stop switches. WIKA has developed the first system solution for overload protection in crane systems certified in Germany. This consists of up to eight redundant force transducers, a central control and the associated user software.