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Water jet cutting is used in many sectors of industry and the materials to be processed are almost unlimited: Metal, stone, glass, composite materials or even food. Cutting with water pressure offers advantages over plasma cutting or laser cutting.

  • It does not introduce any heat into the material, so there is no structural change.
  • The edges are so precise that post-processing is usually unnecessary.
  • The gap width is only small.
  • The shapes of the cutting contours are almost unlimited.

In addition, there are no tooling costs for water jet cutting, in contrast to machining with a punch. In abrasive water jet cutting, an abrasive is added to the coherent high-pressure water jet. Modern water jet cutting systems work with up to 6,000 bar water pressure and the jet leaves the cutting nozzle at 3 times the speed of sound. To protect the pump from cavitation and dry running, an adequate water flow is required. WIKA has the right switches both for monitoring the inlet pressure and also for temperature monitoring.